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Wine connoisseurs know that wine needs to be stored between 55 and 58 degrees Fahrenheit to retain the full flavor of the wine. The ideal condition to store wine is in a cool, dark, and humid environment, such as the one at Chelsea's Wine Lockers inside of Lake Glenville Storage. Our storage facility provides a wine-cellar-like environment, the perfect protection for your wine collection.

If wine is stored at a temperature above 70 degrees, it will age too quickly—if stored below 50 degrees it may prevent the wine from maturing properly. The ideal humidity level for wine storage is at least 70%, to prevent the cork from shrinking. Cork shrinkage occurs when there is not enough humidity present causing oxygen to slowly leak from the wine bottle. This oxidization may eventually turn the wine bitter.

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Trust us with your special wine collection and you can be sure your investment is safe. In the event of a power outage we even have a backup generator to protect your precious collection. Come to our clean, secure facility. We have a great deal of resources that address proper storage of wine, wine selections, and wine tips. Contact us today for more details about our wine resources and facilities.

Keep your wine collection the perfect temperature in a wine locker in our facility in Glenville, North Carolina.